Di Hu

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Di Hu 胡 迪
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence, Renmin University of China
Contact: dihu[at]ruc.edu.cn, Github, Zhihu, Resume

Short Bio

I'm tenure-track faculty at Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence, Renmin University of China. Before that, I was previously a research scientist at Baidu Research. I obtained the PhD degree from Northwestern Polytechnical University, supervised by Xuelong Li, Xiaoqiang Lu, and Feiping Nie. What I met, told and learned in the Center for OPTical IMagery Analysis and Learning (OPTIMAL) led by Prof. Xuelong Li have undoubtedly made great impacts on me. Great Thanks!

Currently, I'm exploring how to understand and interact with the world via the natural multimodal messages, epecially the audiovisual ones. I'm strongly convinced that the pervasive and free correspondence between multimodal messages can provide sufficient information for perceiving, learning and understanding environment, even the agent itself, which promisingly makes multimodal perception become one of the key to achieve machine intelligence.

I'm always looking for self-motivated Ph.D and Master students. If you're interested, please send me your email.


  • [01-03-2020] Two papers accepted by CVPR 2021, with one Oral paper!

  • [01-02-2021] Will co-organize the CVPR2021 Tutorial on Audio-visual Scene Understanding!

  • [09-01-2021] Co-organized the WACV2021 Tutorial on Audio-visual Scene Understanding and gave two talks. Please find more here!

  • [02-12-2020] One paper accepted by AAAI 2021! Congrats to my friend, Dong! Code will be released soon!

  • [25-11-2020] Gave a talk @ VALSE Webinar. Please find slides here!

  • [25-09-2020] One paper accepted by NeurIPS 2020! Code has been released here!

  • [14-09-2020] Won the 2020 CAAI Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award!

  • [13-08-2020] Becoming a teacher, as well as an assistant professor at GSAI!

  • [01-07-2020] Two papers accepted by ECCV 2020!

  • [25-05-2020] Four papers accepted by CVPR Workshop 2020!

  • [26-08-2019] Won the 2019 ACM Xi'an Doctoral Dissertation Award!

  • [01-07-2019] Joining Baidu Research as a research scientist!

Research Interests

  • Multimodal Machine Learning

  • Machine Multimodal Perception

  • Hashing Technique

Services and Experiences